Senses Working Overtime

Jim and Blair are every slash writer's dream come true. We fell hard for the hairboy and the cop from the start. When Jim says that Blair is his Partner, you know he means "Life Partner"!

When I was Dead 15K J/B
A Blair angstravaganza that takes place after Sentinel too, part 2.

Sometimes 28K J/B
Sweet and kind of sappy first time story, with a thunderstorm for atmosphere.

Talk Dirty To Me 23K J/B
A harmless piece of internet smut, inspired by the creative and intriguing Float Your Boat challenge issued on one of the lists.

All I Want 40KJ/B
Domestic S/M scene, nothin' but the sex. Nothing too terribly horrible, but yes, violence. (Let's hear it for sex&violence!<g>)

Mercy In You 57KJ/B
A couple of weeks ago Zen was mauled by her kitty (it wasn't his fault) and nancy wrote her a story to make her feel better. BTW the scene at the sink is exactly how it happened, except insert Blair instead of Zen. Have fun, sweet stuff ahead! Thanks nance, you rule!

Cake And Eat It 8KJ/B
Blair takes Jim out for lunch. This story came about because Zen bet nancy that she couldn't write pure sex, no emotions or angst involved. Zen lost and nancy won a batch of brownies. Lesson to be learned here is never double-dog-dare your little sister! Can you believe she wrote this in 20 minutes?

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