The Ancient And The Scot

Duncan and Methos were our first loves in the slash world, and let's face it, these boys need each other.

Little Earthquakes 162K

Our first story (and it shows <g>). D/M first time, set after FUOT. Bad guy from Methos' past wreaks havoc on our poor lads, and angst abounds. Warning: Graphic violence, rape, toe torture.

Unguarded Moments 81K

Can you believe it? We finally finished it!!! Yes folks, this is the sequel to Little Earthquakes. Mac And Methos head back to Seacouver and try to start a life together. Hope it was worth the wait.

Absolute Beginners 28K

This is an extremely sweet and sappy PWP that comes in after Unguarded Moments. Just a bit of fluff that we wrote a long time ago and finally get to post.

The Left Of Center Series

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy-Methos 52K

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy-Duncan 54K

First time story, m/m sex, angst and just a bit of violence.

Buckets Of Rain-Methos 56K

Buckets Of Rain-Duncan 73K

More trials and tribulations with our favorite boys. Just when you think things are going well, trouble walks into Joe's bar in Paris. The sex gets a little rough, so you've been warned.

Case Of You-Methos 50K

Case Of You-Duncan 70K

Methos has trouble dealing with what he and Mac did last night, and just to make things more interesting, Joe drops by.

The Dirty Jobs-Methos 51K

The Dirty Jobs-Duncan 62K

Things are never quiet for long in this series. Here we have a hell of a fight between the lads and a Mary Sue. Methos begins to come to terms with the idea of forever with Duncan.

Moving-Methos 37K

Moving-Duncan 46K

Really just a PWP. The boys explore just a bit further into the s/m factors in the relationship. <beg>

Stand Alone Stories

A Man You Don't Meet Every Day 30K
D/M A story for Lum. Not much more than a pwp, Duncan is restless, and Methos is emotionally reckless.

Ghosts That Haunt Me 17K

D/M A Halloween story of a different sort. Sorry, no sex in this one, just some angst, some hurt and some comfort.

Dead Or Alive 8K

Methos/Kronos vignette. This is more of a horror story than a slash story. Just a very short, slightly strange, S/M scene told from Methos' pov.

Lay Your Hands On Me 34K

D/M An old fashioned D/M first time PWP. Set after the episode Indiscretions. Rog angst leads to post quickening sex and sweetness.

Ghost 15K

D/M A story we wrote for submission to Futures Without End, and were quite thrilled to have included in such an incredible collection of great fanfic. Doesn't seem like it's possible, but it's been a whole year and we've received permission to post it, so here you go... Angst, angst and more angst, Duncan MacLeod style.


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