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Welcome to our crossover page, this is where we let loose and our imaginations run wild. We just love to mix and match the boys<weg's>.

***NEW*** 7/5/01

Black Derby Jacket  37k Joe Dick/Oz
Rated NC 17 A crossover pwp about innocence lost and regained. Under-age sex warning.

The Redemption Series


Arms Of Love 167K Krycek/Duncan

Rated NC17 Feel like taking a road trip with Duncan MacLeod? Feel like spending 4 days in a hotel room with Duncan and the rat? After the silo story where sweetness and soul searching are the main themes.

I Send A Message14K Duncan/Krycek

Rated G This follows Arms Of Love and is a series of email messages that Duncan and Alex exhchange in the weeks after they part company.


Trick Of The Light30k Jim/Krycek

Not sure what to tell you about this one, folks. Let's just call it the anti-romance PWP and leave it at that. It's all Jim's fault... Either that or nancy really needs to get out more <eg>.


Dogs In The Yard 18K RayK/Krycek

 It's a twisted, kinky, violent pwp. The Sadist in Ray meets the masochist in
                 Krycek and hot stuff occurs. Read the warnings.


Nightswimming16K Blair/Methos

Zen couldn't get this song out of her head and we owed Dawn a pwp. A little smut by moonlight.

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