Welcome To The Old Days

Welcome to Zen&nancy's Hard Core Logo Slash!  AmyB. turned us on to this Canadian mockumentary, and Joe Dick and Billy Tallent stole our punk rock hearts. We've never felt closer to a slash pair-- It's about the music, but in the end... there is love. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to visit Ten Buck Fucks, the Hard Core Logo slash archive. Now on with the stories.


Cold Feelings 10k Billy/groupie
A little backstage philosophy, for punk rock sluts everywhere. -:)

Sometimes I Do 66K Billy/Joe
Another Old Days story, we just can't get enough. Hurt-comfort smut that takes a look at the early development of power play and codependency in the boys relationship.

Beside You 29K Joe/Billy
It's an old days story, and sort of a first time story, and it's sweet, but not too sweet. We dig it, hope you do, too.

Joe Dick's Last Thoughts 5K
Not much explanation necessary, just a little muse indulgence. We offered Mr. Dick a nickel for his nightmares.

Hunger Artist Joe/Billy 6K
Yet more Joe Dick babble- Billy in Joe's eyes.

Story Of My Life Joe/Billy 37K
Why did Billy go back? What was going on in that first backstage scene and what happened later that night? A PWP of the dirty and nasty sort, with hurting and crumbs of comfort on both sides.

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