Sweet Home, Chicago

Late-comers to Due South, we're a couple of Chicago girls who have recently discovered the wonders of Fraser and Ray.

Picture Frame of Rage 30K Fraser/Kowalski

This one runs that non consensual line, but we wouldn't call it a rape story. Ray gets drunk and mean, 'nuff said.

The Politics Of X 139K Fraser/Kowalski

More drugfic from the House Of Slack! Not sure what to say about this story- if you like your Ray angsty and tormented and your Fraser under the influence, then this one's for you. -:)

Ring Of Fire 46K Fraser/Kowalski

Our first Due South story. A first-time pwp. Sweet but not too schmoopy, with a dash of angst.

When The Whip Comes Down 40K Fraser/Kowalski

We look at Fraser and RayK and see dysfunctional Sado-Masochism at work. This is a pwp, or maybe just a scene. Violent angst-fest in which Ray shows up on Fraser's doorstep, after exhausting all other possibilities. Please read the warnings! -:)

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