The Rat's Nest

This is where we get to play with the G-man and the rat! We adore the tension and ever changing dynamics in Krycek and Mulder's relationship.

Precious Pain11K
NC17 Hmm, Zen seems to be hooked on writing PWP's that are 11K long. This one has bloodsport of the consensual variety, and some redemption and tenderness. A strange combination, but we think it works, and we hope that you do, too.

Rough Boys11K

NC17 Yet another short PWP. This time get into Alex's head while he fucks Mulder into a frenzy.

Something That You Said 11K

NC17 A pwp, but also an exploration into the dark dynamics of Mulder and Krycek's relationship.


NC17 This is really just a sweet pwp. Mulder finally figures out what Krycek wants, and gives it to him.

Nothing Else Matters21K

R (violence)  Zen wrote this for nancy, for her birthday. Angst, h/c, and Muldertorture warnings. Alex finds a broken Mulder and tries to put him back together.

Blood & Fire28K

NC17 We needed to get our feet wet in the X-Files world. Krycek pays Mulder one of his infamous visits. Not set in any certain time frame, just some comfort for those angst ridden boys.

Sweet Thing51K

NC17 Anybody in the mood for a little TopRat? It's S&M, it's nasty, mean, and ugly... it's a sweet thing. This one took forever to finish, and we're really excited about posting it. In the event that anyone actually does read this one... can we do some extra begging for feedback here? <g>

The Heroin Series

Picture by Theban Band


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