Stories By Mairead Triste
UPDATED 3/21/01


Poles Apart M/OMC D/M 168K

New to the homeless shelter, this is a remarkably well told tale, a highlander darksider classic.


Revelations D/M 33K

This story was a gift from the Cimmerians to the RSM, and now it's here at the soup kitchen for all to enjoy. Hot stuff!!!


Shades of Gray D/M 189K

Powerful stuff! Our newest homeless author has given us an intense, deeply disturbing and seriously erotic piece that intertwines Methos' past with Kronos and Cassandra and his changing relationship with MacLeod. This one will stay with you for a long time, and if you're twisted, like us, you'll be begging Mairead for more!

Eclipse D/M 132K

The much hoped for sequel has arrived! This is a strong, dark story that takes us further into the tangled web of both Methos' and Duncan's demons. Additional HOS warning: this one may just melt your monitor!

Coming Back To Life D/M 88K

The third story in this magnificent trilogy is just as hot, deep, and evocative as the rest of the tale. We feel greedily, lustfully possessive of these three stories, and we're thrilled to be able to share them with the world. If ever there was a slasher after our own dark and angsty hearts, it's Mairead! Be sure to thank her for this long and beautiful labor of love.


The Quality Of Mercy M/K 39K

We are very excited about posting Mairead's first X-Files fic. This is one of the best non-consensual/semi-consentual stories we've every read. In a fandom that thrives on rape, torture and h/c stories, Mairead has done something really special. Lovely characterization and imagery, a nightmare that reads like a lullaby.


***NEW*** 3/7/01

Shadows and Light J/B 74k
Another Mairead/Aristide compilation, this story was originally published in the zine, Wounded Heroes. Now available for online posting, we're thrilled to have it here to share with you. Hot, devastating Jim, wonderful, wonderful Blair. Oh, and Mairead wrote at least half of it- so read the warnings! <g>


The Dragon J/B 283K
Penned by both Mairead and Aristide, this is one of the scariest stories we've ever read! Incredible plot and very intense sex make this one of the best Sentinel slash stories around.


Paying Silence J/B 18K

A Sentinel PWP with a different view of the guys than we usually see. We like it. It's sad and disturbing and strong, everything a Blair pov piece should be, with a feel to it that is chillingly realistic. We're sure Mairead will get a lot of opinions on this one, so we want to take this space to thank her for writing it! -:)


Choirboy O'Reily/Beecher 18K

If ever there was a fandom tailor-made for a slash writer... this is it. <g> Mairead has written her first OZ fic, and dragged us into the fandom right along with her.

Vigilius 10K

A many-layered, short first person Alvarez piece that packs a big whallup. Beautifully written, and disturbing as all hell.


Unguarded Protectorate F/RK 191K

Penned by Bone and Mairead, this story originally appeared in Serge Protecter, and now, we can bring it to you here at the Shelter. Wonderful stuff!