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Rated G - Sorry, no sex. Just sweetness and a little angst.

Crossover: Highlander/X-Files of the Duncan/Alex variety.

Summary: This is a sequel to Arms Of Love. If you haven't read that, this will probably make no sense at all. These are the emails that Duncan and Alex exchange after they go their separate ways.

The whole reason this came into being is because someone out there in cyberspace sent me a lovely email asking for a sequel, even if it was just the emails that Duncan and Alex wrote to each other. Well, that idea stuck in my brain and wouldn't leave. I don't remember *who* sent me this email, but I would like to give them all the credit. See, writing me does pay off sometimes<bg>

Song title and lyrics borrowed without permission from Inxs.

Thanks and love to sis nancy, MoonPuppy (the beta of my heart), and all the wonderful women of the RSM.


I Send A Message

By Zen&nancy

Duncan poured himself a brandy and sat down at his desk. Turning on his computer, he sighed. It had been two months since he and Alex had gone their separate ways and there was still no word from him. Duncan found himself checking his email twice as often as he usually did, and every time his phone rang he had hopes that it would be Alex. He had only spent a few days with the young man, but it had been a very intense time and he found himself missing Alex much more than he had expected.

After connecting to the internet Duncan went directly to his email account. A huge smile graced his face as he read his message.

Duncan raised his glass, toasting Alex. He was relieved to know that Alex was alright, but couldn't help worrying about his friend's dangerous life. He saved the message into his inbox and shut down the computer. Taking his brandy and a book to bed, he hoped he'd have the chance to see Alex again.

Duncan tried to picture Alex and his mutt living on the French countryside. The picture it put in his mind made him wish he could be there with them.

He immediately hit reply, and then stared at the screen, not sure of what to write. Addressing the letter to Ratfink made him chuckle, remembering Alex's strange sense of humor.

Duncan read over his message and then hit send. He wondered when Alex would get it, and when he would hear from him again.

It only took a week before there was another email from Alex. Duncan had turned on his computer on a whim when he came in from his morning run. He was sweaty and grimy, but wanted to read the mail right away. Ignoring the sweat dripping down his back, he started to read.

Duncan read the message over twice before getting up to head for the shower. He didn't understand why Alex was so surprised that he had written back. Did Alex think that Duncan would just forget about him?

As he stepped into the shower he wondered if Alex thought about him as much as he thought about Alex. Many times Duncan had wished that he could have had more time to get to know Alex.

The evening news clicked off and silence fell over the loft, but it was soon broken by a heavy sigh. Duncan set the tv remote on the coffee table and mentally laughed at himself. If he wasn't careful he could lapse into a full fledged brood. If it weren't so late he'd pick himself up off the couch and go to Joe's. Good music and good company would be just the thing to shake off this loneliness, but he had an early class in the morning.

He looked around the loft aimlessly, and his eyes fell on the computer. He got up and went to turn it on. Before he had time to think about it he was writing to Alex.

As Duncan read the explanation for <bg> he saw Alex's face, smiling that devilish smile, and felt a pull on his heart. This was a very special relationship he had developed with Alex. He wasn't in love with the man, but it was something akin to it.

Alex was right, it was three weeks before Duncan heard from him again. He tried not to worry, but as time went on he couldn't help but wonder what Alex was up to, and how dangerous it might be. Finally, one afternoon when Duncan had come home from his morning class, there was a message from Alex.

Duncan was overjoyed. The fact that he would really get to see Alex again thrilled him. He immediately wrote Alex back. The End (for now anyway)

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