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UPDATED 10/18/02

Star Trek Original Series Slash

Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee Kirk/Spock

Part One

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Part Three

Whether you be a fan of Trek or not, whether you be a fan of BDSM slash stories or not, READ THIS STORY, you'll be very happy you took the slacker archivist's advice on this. What we have here is some damn fine fic! Intreat Me Not To Leave Thee is a story written long ago, before the advent of net-fandom and archives like this one, and we're just very, very happy that C.M. saved it for us, and allowed us to save it for her, and bring it to you. Send her feedback!!! We want more!


Hallow M/K 14k

A very hot little story, spooky, sexy, and kinky!
And the best part is, we hear there's a sequel coming soon!

Seconds M/K 22k

The second in what is now a series of spooky-hot ghost stories.

Glow M/K 46k

The third ghost story! And the best news is, there's one more story yet to come in this series. Let's see if we can beg, cajole or scare C.M. into giving us the last one in time for Halloween. All feedback does get forwarded to the author- we promise.

Wanted M/K 70k

The fourth and last story in the series has arrived, just in time for Halloween!


A Boy And His Rat  M/K

Highly recommended by the House Of Slack, what we have here is outstanding, devastating, Krycek characterization, a story that you will take you away and leave you hungry for more.
A note on feedback- all messages will be forwarded promptly to the author.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Part Eight

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Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen


Got You Angel/X-files

Alex Krycek is sent to visit Loren, and it's *wonderful*! Thank you, Mog!


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