All of the stories on this page are rated NC-17 and contain GRAPHIC m/m sex. You must be of legal age in your locality to read these stories. If you are underage or if homoerotic fiction isn't your cup of tea, PLEASE go back now!

Stories By Bone

Updated 4/3/02



InterlunationD/M 84K

A dark, moody, angsty, beautifully written story, that takes place near the end of Revelations. Once we fell into the mood of this piece it stayed with us all day. If it's a dark rainy night where you are, read this now. Oh yes, and FIVE STAR sex, too.

Those Who Trespass D/M 109K

This is a companion piece for Interlunation, and it's mood is a bit lighter. She really got us with this one, the relationships are beautiful, and her insight into the immortal psyche is astounding. Enjoy!

An Uncommon Want D/M 173K

The third story in Bone's Trilogy, this follows Those who Trespass and is set after the Byron episode. The best yet!

Through Perplexing Ways D/M Methos/Warren 64k

The long awaited fourth story in the series is here! This beautiful story was originally published in Futures Without End III


Breaking The Code D/M 103K

Bone has worked her magic and given us another gift. This one is based around the Chivalry episode, with a Methos flashback that's much more wonderful than anything we got out of tptb.<g> A lovely D/M firs time story.


The Last Wish D/M 11K

A sweet, short piece of ROG angst. Absolutely wonderful, Bone had us sniffling and smiling all the way through. Enjoy!


***NEW*** 4/3/02
Ceiling: Unlimited J/B 45k
This story was originally published in the Crossroads zine, the time's up, and we're thrilled to have a new Bone Sen story to offer you here at the shelter. Enjoy!

The Reluctant Patient J/B 45K

This story originally appeared in the zine, Wounded Heroes. Blair/Jim Hurt-Comfort at it's best, and first-time hot stuff, too!!! Thanks, Bone!!!!


Out Of Whack J/B 91K

This is a very, very, hot story by Bone and Aristide. We don't know what their Blair muse did to get this lucky between two such fabulous writers, but we salute him!


Weathering J/B 24K

Post "The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg" story that deals with many of the unresolved issues left for Blair after the final season. An incredibly touching and emotional story.


Exposing The Nape J/B 41K

Bone feeds our need with a second post-final-season story. Blair makes some tough decisions, and lures a Sentinel in the process. *HOT*


Territorial Imperative J/B 70K

We are happy to see Bone dipping her feet in the Sentinel end of the slash pool. Actually she dove in head first and we LOVE the results. Her characterizations are dead on, and this first time story is intelligent, emotional, and *very* good.

Territorial Imperative 2 J/B 63K

You guessed it, the sequel. Jim and Blair are very safe in Bone's capable hands, beg her for more. We hope to see many more stories in this series, Jim and Blair never sounded so real to us.

Territorial Imperative 3 J/B 53K

The begging's paid off! Bone's written another bit of Jim/Blair heaven. We think this is the best one yet!

Territorial Imperative 4 J/B 60K

This series just gets better, and better and better! We really love that Bone never takes the easy way out. The farther Jim and Blair get in their relationship, the more issues there are to deal with, and they do, magnificently!

Pulp FrictionJ/B 21K

A Missing scene from the series, we understand this little gem came about on one of the Sentinel lists. We're thrilled to have it at the soup kitchen. Enjoy!

Territorial Imperative 5 J/B 64K

Territorial Imperative 6 J/B 41K

Territorial Interruptus J/B 18K

Territorial Imperative 7 J/B 62K


Back To Good J/B 85K

Bone has ventured out of the TI universe to create something different and equally wonderful. This is one of the best Post-Season 4 stories we've read. Maybe it's because we're such hopeless BurgiBabes, maybe it's because she has a very special gift for POV stories, but we think this is just about some of the best Jim we've ever read. Bone does Jim justice in ways most of us would never even consider. Bravo!


The Lost Boys Dan/Casey 20K

Bone brings a new fandom to the shelter! We don't even watch Sports Night, and we loved this! All round good slashy drunken stuff, set after the episode "Ten Whickets"


Two Player Game Dan/Casey/Female 30K

Another piece of Sports night smut from Bone! There's some very hot stuff going on here. A must read for sports fans. <g>


ReunionJohn Dixon/Steven Carter 97K
Get Real is a movie we haven't seen yet, but we *loved* this story. Hmm- come to think of it, that's what we said when we posted Amy B.'s first Hard Core Logo Story. Uh Oh. <g>


Old Lock, New Key F/RK 61K
This is a marvelous first-meeting story that orginally appeared in Serge Protector. Enjoy!


Unguarded Protectorate F/RK 191K
Penned by Bone and Mairead, this story originally appeared in Serge Protecter, and now, we can bring it to you here at the Shelter. Wonderful stuff!


The CourseF/RK 209K

If Bone and Aristide don't stop out doing themselves with amazing characterization, delectable plots and steamy sex, we're going to run out of superlatives for these little descriptions. <g> This is a *wonderful* story, and Crysothemis has out-done herself, as well, and made the most beautiful cover pic we've ever seen. Wow!


BountyF/RK 59K

Fraser finds an unexpected bounty after Janet Morse leaves. Sweet, hot, and achingly real characterization. Bone just melts us into little slacky puddles of joy when she writes Fraser and Ray.


How Ray Got His Groove Back F/RK 244K

Bone and Aristide have collaborated in the Due South World again, and the results are magnificent! This story is the best present to give to yourself on a dark and rainy day, or a sunny one, for that matter! Not too mushy, not too angsty, just Fraser and Ray at their very best, steaming up monitors across the land. Enjoy!


The Better Angels F/RK 144K

Bone and Aristide got together and wrote a post-Call Of The Wild Due South story, and it's absolutely wonderful. A little something for everybody; adventure, h/c, drama and hot, hot, blistering hot sex. Enjoy!


Layers Fraser/RayK 247K

This masterpiece deserves a page of it's own... and so it gets one, with a gorgeous pic of the guys to illustrate Bone's much-loved story. We're just thrilled to pieces have it at the shelter!


Smooth Fraser/RayK 39K

Scorching hot PWP in which Fraser needs Ray to teach him what he's been missing in the music, and himself. Beautiful stuff!


The LookDuncan/Jim 36K

Bone has pushed all our buttons! A first-encounter Duncan/Jim story that will leave you breathless! Fortunately, there's a sequel. HOT stuff!

Look AgainDuncan/Jim 22K

Jim returns to Joe's, and things get just a little more serious. We sincerely hope that all of you who read this will write and beg Bone for a third, 'cause we're hooked. Again, excellent Jim characterization.

One Last LookDuncan/Jim 71K

Duncan MacLeod comes looking for Jim, five years later. We thought this was the best possible ending for a fantastic series, and the sex... oooh, the sex is hot.