Stories By Aristide

UPDATED 3/10/01



A Miracle Every Day D/M 141K

First time piece. Awesome exploration of the dynamics between Duncan and Methos. We think this is a fascinating and very original take on the boys relationship. Great read.


Consent of Twain D/M/A 118K

A wonderful Methos/Duncan/Amanda first time story. HOT! HOT! HOT!

A Good Thing D/M/A 88K

She's given us the sequel!!! If anything could top Consent, it's A Good Thing. Hell, we think it's great! <g>


The Declaration D/M 56K

Aristide says this is a PWP, but i want to call it a first time story. Duncan and the Old Man at their very best; angsty-sweet and very sexy.


***NEW*** 3/7/01

Shadows and Light J/B 74k
Another Mairead/Aristide compilation, this story was originally published in the zine, Wounded Heroes. Now available for online posting, we're thrilled to have it here to share with you. Hot, devastating Jim, wonderful, wonderful Blair. Oh, and Mairead wrote at least half of it- so read the warnings! <g>


Fruit Of The Vine J/B 132K

Long and decidedly juicy, this is Senslash guaranteed to satisfy!


The Dragon J/B 283K
Penned by both Mairead and Aristide, this is one of the scariest stories we've ever read! Incredible plot and very intense sex make this one of the best Sentinel slash stories around.


Proof and Pudding J/B 31K

Who's kinkier, Jim or Blair? And what's all this about pudding? Go read and find out <weg's>.


Solitary Creatures J/B 88K

Attention all slash fanatics! Aristide has written a Jim/Blair story! First time, and absolutely, utterly, wonderful.


We're thrilled (late- but thrilled!) to announce that Out Of Whack has won "Best Long Story- Online in the 2000 Golden Guppy Awards. Way to go, ladies!


 Out Of Whack J/B 191K

This is a very, very, hot story by Bone and Aristide. We don't know what their Blair muse did to get this lucky between two such fabulous writers, but we salute him!


***NEW*** 3/10/01

The CourseF/RK 209K

If Bone and Aristide don't stop out doing themselves with amazing characterization, delectable plots and steamy sex, we're going to run out of superlatives for these little descriptions. <g> This is a *wonderful* story, and Crysothemis has out done herself, as well, and made the most beautiful cover pic we've ever seen. Wow!


How Ray Got His Groove Back

 F/RK 244K

Bone and Aristide have collaborated in the Due South World again, and the results are
 magnificent! This story is the best present to give to yourself on a dark and rainy day, or a sunny
    one, for that matter! Not too mushy, not too angsty, just Fraser and Ray at their very best,
                          steaming up monitors across the land. Enjoy!


The Better Angels

F/RK 144K

Bone and Aristide got together and wrote a post-Call Of The Wild Due South story, and it's absolutely wonderful. A little something for everybody; adventure, h/c, drama and hot, hot, blistering hot sex. Enjoy!


It's All In The Wrist 33K Fraser/RayK

Sometimes, revenge is the sweetest way to demonstrate affection. Sometimes Ray's sneaky, underhanded and untrustworthy. HOT hot stuff! and just a warning- don't read this while drinking your favorite beverage, you'll just wind up spitting it all over the screen.